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I’m Dr Richard Hemmings, professional drum teacher at the Leicester Drum School in Oadby. I also provide peripatetic  drum tuition to several schools in Leicestershire. I’ve been teaching the drums since 2006, having previously gained a first class degree and a Ph.D in music. I’m passionate about drums and drumming, and, as a consequence, I love to share this enthusiasm with my students.   I’m certain you’ll find drum lessons with me enjoyable, regardless of whether you’re new to the instrument or not.

PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 provisions are in place. All students must wear face coverings and use hand sanitiser. FaceTime and Skype lessons are also available. 


I teach children (ages 7+) and adults; from complete beginners to more experienced players. My fully equipped teaching studio provides the perfect learning environment. For example, students can accompany backing tracks played through the high quality audio system and also practise playing along to a click.

For many students, taking grades is the preferred route; however, this is down to the individual and you can learn just for fun if you prefer. Which ever path you choose, I’ll make sure you learn something new at each lesson. My teaching style is friendly and relaxed. In fact, as my Google reviews often reflect, I’m also a very patient teacher.


 My teaching hours are 3pm-9pm, Monday-Friday.  During the school term, lessons are to be taken weekly. Additionally, I am available to teach during the school holidays. (When I’m not teaching, you can always read my Blog!) 


You can choose to pay for lessons in 1, 2 or 3 instalments each term, at a rate of £16 per 30 minutes. Students are required to have one 30 or 60 minute lesson each week within term time. New students can take advantage of my Special Offer (see below).  If you’re looking for drum lessons in Leicester, please get in touch!


4 x 30 min or 2 x 1 hr lessons 
+ a pair of sticks.
ONLY £40
Please enquire.

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This ebook was written with the beginner in mind. Inside you will find many exercises which, with a little patience and determination, will help you get to grips with the basics of drumming.

The exercises contained within range in difficulty from the Initial level to Grade 2 of the Trinity Drum Kit Syllabus, with most of the patterns based around simple backbeats. Why not arrange some drum lessons and allow me to help you learn how to play them? 

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Why Come to Me for Drum lessons?


Firstly, I have over 13 years of teaching experience, 30 years of playing experience, a 1st class BA (Hons) degree and a PhD in music. As a result, I’ll help you to avoid common mistakes and (providing you practise!) turn you into a great drummer! 


Thirdly, I cover all aspects of drumming, including different genres (e.g., rock, jazz, blues, reggae, latin), rudiments, technique, musicianship, playing to music, reading music, theory, and much more.


Secondly, good foundations are essential. I try to bring out the best in everyone. Drum lessons are tailored to the individual, with the initial aim of developing their technique. I always place emphasis on the importance of good stick control, counting and understanding notation.


Finally, you don’t have to take exams, but I believe it’s the best way to get motivated as the goals are clear. Trinity drum grades offer a brilliant way of tracking your own progress. The learning is structured and accumulative, with each new grade building upon the previous one.

Richard Drumming

Students are encouraged to join bands and to perform in-front of others as the experience is invaluable.

drum student

All students are taught to read music and the basics of music theory as applicable to drum kit playing. 

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Age should never be a barrier to learning, and whilst it is required that children are at least 7, there is no upper limit for adults!