Bumper Book of Paradiddles [PDF File]


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The paradiddle drum book to end all paradiddle drum books!

The Bumper Book of Paradiddles by Dr Richard Hemmings is the paradiddle drum book every student of the drum kit should own.

If you can play a paradiddle, it’s time to make the most of it… and OWN it. ?

Over the course of 42 pages, you will learn:
  • 300 exciting patterns derived from the single paradiddle!!!
  • to play paradiddles over funky bass drums.
  • simultaneous paradiddles to improve co-ordination.
  • mind-melting linear patterns applied around the kit.
  • the concept of paradiddle interpolation.

Imagine your friends amazement as you blast out the craziest, coolest beats they’ve ever heard!


“When we practise rudiments, we do so in order to embed them within our subconscious. Through their mastery, we can achieve a greater freedom of expression on the kit, drawing upon them when playing fills and solos. Rudiments are the tools in our rhythmical knapsack that allow us to play automatically and ‘in the zone’.

My hope is that the exercises within this book will be beneficial to drummers looking to expand their ‘skill set’. Many of the patterns are challenging, especially in terms of hand/foot co-ordination; however, perseverance will pay off, and whilst you might not find every pattern useful, I’m fairly sure you’ll find some that are.”

Get your digital (PDF) copy today! ?

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