The Bumper Book of Paradiddles [Softback]



The Bumper Book of Paradiddles [Softback] by Dr Richard Hemmings

Originally, available as an e-book, I have now published a physical copy of this most excellent drum book! It contains at least 300 exercises based on the single paradiddle, in other words there’s a lot to work on.  How is this even possible, I hear you ask…

I wrote The Bumper Book of Paradiddles in response to a question I posed to myself: how many exercises can be based around the single paradiddle? It was also a response to that famous proverb – if something’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

The paradiddle is one of the first rudiments we learn. Although it may sound daft, I believe all drummers attach a certain fondness to it, and not just because it has a silly sounding name. For my twelve-year-old self, discovering the sticking pattern and how I could apply it was a mini epiphany. I was hooked on drumming from then on!”

The Bumper Book of Paradiddles is aimed at all ages and abilities.

Over the course of 42 pages, you will learn:
  • 300 exciting patterns derived from the single paradiddle!!!
  • to play paradiddles over funky bass drums.
  • simultaneous paradiddles to improve co-ordination.
  • mind-melting linear patterns applied around the kit.
  • the concept of paradiddle interpolation.

This book is only available through Amazon.

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