Drum Lessons with Dr Richard Hemmings

Drum Lessons with Dr Richard Hemmings

Drum Lessons with Dr Richard Hemmings – Dr. Richard Hemmings, a distinguished drum teacher and the driving force behind Leicester Drum School in Oadby, is dedicated to imparting his extensive drumming knowledge and passion for music to aspiring students. Boasting a first-class degree and a Ph.D. in music, Dr. Hemmings has been honing the craft of drum instruction since 2006, establishing himself as a reputable figure in the world of drum education.

Taster Lessons

Drum lessons with Dr. Hemmings are a testament to his commitment to fostering a love for drumming, making each lesson an enjoyable experience for students, regardless of their proficiency level. Those eager to explore the world of drumming can kickstart their journey with a taster lesson at the affordable rate of £19.00.

The diversity of Dr. Hemmings’ student base is a testament to his versatility as an instructor. From children aged 8 and above to adults, and from complete beginners to experienced players, everyone is welcome in his fully equipped teaching studio. Here, students have the opportunity to accompany backing tracks through a high-quality audio system and practice playing along to a click, enhancing their learning experience.

Drum Exams or Just for Fun

One notable feature of Dr. Hemmings’ curriculum is the preparation of students for Trinity drum kit grades, offering a structured path for those who wish to pursue formal qualifications. However, for those who prefer a more casual approach, learning for sheer enjoyment is always an option. Dr. Hemmings guarantees a continuous learning experience, ensuring that every lesson introduces something new to the student.

With a teaching style described as friendly, relaxed, and notably patient, Dr. Hemmings has garnered positive reviews that reflect the positive and supportive environment he creates for his students.

Dr. Hemmings’ teaching philosophy is rooted in his years of playing experience, and a comprehensive academic background. His personalised approach covers key aspects of drumming, including different genres, rudiments, technique, musicianship, music reading, theory, and more. Emphasising the importance of good stick control, counting, and understanding notation, he establishes strong foundations for aspiring drummers.


In conclusion, choosing Dr. Richard Hemmings and Leicester Drum School for drum lessons not only provides expert guidance but also ensures a personalised and enjoyable learning experience for drum enthusiasts of all levels. With a focus on fostering a deep appreciation for the art of drumming, Dr. Hemmings stands as a passionate mentor ready to guide students on their rhythmic journey.

For those considering drum lessons in Oadby and Leicester, Dr. Hemmings’ availability from 4 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Thursday, accommodates various schedules during both school terms and holidays. 

His Bumper Book of Paradiddles, now available in paperback, is a testament to his commitment to providing valuable resources to aid in the drumming journey.

Contact Richard for more information or to book a lesson.

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