Using Interval Timers (HIIT) in Drum Practise

Using Interval Timers (HIIT) in Drum Practise – In the video below, I talk about how you can use high-intensity interval timers or HIIT timers in your practice. 

What is a HIIT Timer?

So, what is an HIIT Timer?  Well, essentially, it’s a device that’s used to set and keep track of specific time intervals. It’s one of those things where the clue is really in the name. 

Typically, they work by allowing you to program specific time intervals which are then signalled with an audible or visual alarm once they’ve elapsed. They are commonly used in sports training and workout routines where specific intervals of work and rest are required. You can set them to repeat the same intervals multiple times or alternate between different intervals.

How Do HIIT Timers Improve Drum Practise?

If it wasn’t for Joe Wicks’ Body Coach videos videos, I would never have had this idea. It occurred to me in lockdown that HIIT timers could be utilised in drum practice, which in a way can be a little bit like a workout, especially if you’re practicing rudiments or other patterns where speed and stamina are important. 

In the link included below you can access an Interval Timer which I’ve already set up. It’s a 10-minute timer with intervals of 1 minute for high intensity work each separated by 20-seconds for rest.

Click here to open the Interval Timer.

Don't Forget the Following!

The thing is what I really want to stress is that this is potentially a very powerful and effective method of practicing, providing you don’t forget everything you’ve learned about technique in pursuit of speed:

  • hold your sticks correctly,
  • relax your shoulders and arms,
  • make sure your wrists are loose.
  • don’t bury the stick in the drum head -always let the stick rebound off the head.


This is a high intensity work out to improve your drumming. If you overdo it, you could injure yourself. For this reason, I recommend no more than 10-minutes-a-day at first. Once you’ve been doing it for a month, you can increase the duration of your HIIT session. But always listen to your body and stop using this method it if you feel any pain.

And Finally...

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