Beginner’s Drum Course

Beginner’s Drum Course £40

(3×30 minutes drum lessons. Suitable for Adults and Children 8+)

If you’re interested in learning how to playing the drums properly but would like to experience some time behind a drum kit before committing to weekly lessons, you may wish to consider this 90-minute beginner’s course. Split into three 30-minute sessions, you’ll learn everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision. Plus, at ONLY £40 for the whole course, you’re essentially getting one of the sessions for free! The following course breakdown serves as a guide only.

Session 1

This introductory session covers a lot of the basic essentials. It usually begins with a short conversation to establish any previous experience the student has.  This allows the session to be tailored to them specifically. In general, students will:

  • learn the names of the different parts of a drum kit and how to identify them when written down on a stave;
  • learn how to hold a pair of drumsticks using the matched grip;
  • learn to play and count a ‘single stroke roll’ in crotchets (1/4 notes) and quavers (1/8 notes);
  • gain experience playing to a metronome;
  • receive feedback on your timekeeping;
  • receive advice on practising.

Session 2

The second session usually begins with an opportunity for the student to ask questions and share any problems they’ve been having. This is followed by a short recap of the previous session so that students feel confident and relaxed to take the next step. In this session, students will:

  • learn to play a backbeat based around crotchets;
  • learn to join a backbeat and simple fill;
  • learn to place a fill around the different drums;
  • gain experience of playing along to a short backing track.
My Drum Kit

Session 3

As with the previous session, this will begin with a short conversation to establish how the student is getting on. This session builds upon the work of the previous two sessions. The student will:

  • learn to play a backbeat and fills based around quavers;
  • learn two essential rudiments (double stroke roll and paradiddle) and discover ways of playing them around the kit;
  • receive more opportunities to accompany backing tracks;
  • be shown how interval timers can be used to facilitate practise.

This beginner’s course, which has been tried and tested over many years, offers a fantastic introduction to drumming. You’ll be able to ask me questions and get a better idea of whether the drums are for you, plus you’ll receive advice on the next best steps to take. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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