Free Book About Drumming

Free Drumming Book

Are you looking for a free drum book to get you started on your drumming journey? I wrote this book a few years ago. It contains a lot of information that beginners will find useful; loads of patterns (such as back beats) fills, basic theory, 4-way co-ordination, etc. To give you some idea of what to expect, here’s the contents:

(It’s worth point out that each exercise actually contains around eight patterns to explore.)


  • Introduction
  • A Standard 5-piece Drum Kit
  • How to Hold Drumsticks
  • Notation
    • Reading Music
      • Drum Legend
      • Parts of the Stave
      • Time Signatures
    • Counting
      • Note Reference Page
      • Snare Drum Counting Exercises
        • Exercise 1: Counting Crotches
        • Exercise 2: Counting Quavers and Crotchets
        • Exercise 3: Introducing the Quaver Rest
        • Exercise 4: Common Rhythmic Groupings
      • Backbeats
        • Backbeats
          • Practise Tips
          • Exercise 5: Backbeat Patterns
          • Exercise 6: Backbeat Patterns
          • Exercise 7: Bass Drum Variations
          • Exercise 8: Two Bar Patterns
        • Drum Fills
          • Exercise 9: Introducing Fills
          • Exercise 10: Four bar Phrase with Fills 1
          • Exercise 11: Four bar Phrase with Fills 2
        • Hi-Hat Pedal
          • Practise Tips
            • Exercise 12: Stepped Hi-Hat
            • Exercise 13: Stepped Hi-Hat
            • Exercise 14: Open Hi-Hat

Please download your FREE copy of this book below:

If you think you’d like some help working through the book and live in Leicester, you can always contact me for lessons. If you don’t live in Leicester, I offer an online only training course which covers many of things in the book. Visit to find out more about the online service.

And Finally...

It’s always great to hear your feedback. If you found this information helpful, please leave a comment below. Visit the Leicester Drum School Shop for all your drum related t-shirt and mug needs!

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